I have been interested in human psychology ever since I can remember, always wondering why people experienced emotional pain and hardship in the midst of looking for happiness and peace. I could see that most people, including myself, battled some form of depression, stress or anxiety in their daily lives, but didn't know how to deal with it effectively. There were tons of self-help books rolling out, and I bought a few to see what they were talking about, hoping to find that magic strategy that would teach me how to end emotional turmoil. In college, I started studying psychology and learning about what 'makes people tick', and have continued to do so my whole personal and professional life. 

Licensed Professional Counselor/Certified Sex Therapist for Relationships and Alternative Lifestyles

LGBTQ inclusivity

People, when they allow themselves to be authentic and real, collectively make up a rainbow of sexual and gender expression that includes straight, queer, gay, lesbian, gender-fluid, transgender, asexual, kinky, submissive, dominant, polyamorous, etc... Some people reject labels of any kind, and in the end, it only matters that we love ourselves enough to embrace our true identities and be in relationship(s) with those who can respect and embrace us as we are. It can be difficult when family and friends can't understand or support us, but I don't think it's healthy to be something we're not so we can gain tacit acceptance or approval. In the long run, we can lose huge and important parts of our selves when we live to make others happy.


Today in my private practice, my focus is in helping people find the answers to questions like "Who am I?" "What do I need to feel peaceful and love myself as I am?" and "How can I embrace my sexuality and orientation in relationships best suited for me?" I am invested in assisting people build lives that point to self-love and authenticity, healthy relationships that support their emotional and physical well-being, and intentionally making choices that align with their values and bring personal meaning and fulfillment. 

In terms of my educational background, I have completed a bachelors degree in human psychology and world religions, a masters degree in mental health counseling, and a one year residency program as a K-12 special education teacher. I currently hold an active State of Colorado license as a professional counselor (LPC.0012813), as well as an AASECT sex therapist certification.) I also attend ongoing professional development trainings that keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date.

I do my best to 'practice what I preach' as a partner and mother of four children. There is no such thing as perfection in personal well-being and relationships, but I practice mindfulness as a way of bringing my best self to the challenges of life. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, music, concerts at Red Rocks amphitheater, ​reading, time in nature, meditation, and hanging with the people I love.