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Many couples are expanding into new realms of connection through different forms of non-monogamy, whether that's polyamory, open, or swinging lifestyles. Not all non-monogamous relationships look alike or operate under the same agreements, whether you prefer poly fidelity, open polyamory, hierarchical relationships, or relationship anarchy. Issues that may arise in polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy include:

  • opening up your relationship to added partners

  • building security and trust in your relationship(s)

  • issues around hierarchy, veto power and communication

  • conflict resolution between all players involved

  • broken trust due to dishonesty or infidelity
  • considering 'coming out' to friends and family 

  • moving toward experiencing compersion



BDSM and kink is a lifestyle that adds intentional power exchange (PE) into relationships which explore sexual dominance, submission, fetishism, age-play, and other forms of kink. For some, kinky sex is used to 'spice things up' in the bedroom by adding new activities and toys to their sex life, while others use protocols of dominance and submission to structure their PE relationships. Consent and negotiation are at the heart of this lifestyle. Creating agreements that support the physical, psychological, emotional and sexual needs of both the Dominant and submissive are central to building safety and trust in a BDSM relationship. 

  • adding power exchange into your sex life

  • "Your kink is not my kink.." 

  • complications of adding play partners into existing relationship(s)

  • defining roles and responsibilities in power hierarchies

  • rebuilding broken trust due to dishonesty or infidelity

  • mental health issues like depression or anxiety impacting the PE dynamic

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