rebuilding mutual connection and intimacy


Relationships are not always easy or straight forward. Attraction and love brings two people together, but there's a lot involved in keeping a relationship healthy and growing. Getting frustrated and annoyed with your partner is inevitable, but the way you work through the difficult moments can determine how safe and connected you feel in your relationship. 

Do you feel heard and understood when you're arguing with each other? Is there space for both of you to speak your truth, knowing that your partner could understand where you are coming from even when they disagree?

Marriage counseling

Common relationship 'ruts' include:

  • feeling your partner doesn't 'get' you anymore

  • not knowing how to 'fight fair' and resolve conflict

  • forgetting to slow down from busy lives and find ways to reconnect

  • disagreements about how much time to spend together vs. time apart

  • mismatched desire for sex and physical intimacy

  • lost trust due to dishonesty and infidelity

  • unhealthy patterns of codependency

  • disagreement about money management and financial goals

  • different perspectives on raising children

Whether you're interested in rebuilding your relationship or contemplating divorce, couples therapy can help you figure out next steps. It can help you process ongoing issues as a team while developing new tools for improved communication and intimacy. I support clients move toward their best version of what they see their relationship becoming. When both partners willingly engage in strengthening their relationship skills, there is hope for long-lasting change and satisfaction.



If you're just starting out in a new relationship and are considering living together or marriage, you may want to consider relationship coaching as a way to build a solid foundation for your future. You can set your relationship up for greater success by preemptively working out differences in the ways you approach communication, resolving conflict, sexual intimacy, finances, time with family, life/work balance and spirituality.