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exploring what you need to heal, grow and thrive in life


Life can easily feel overwhelming and out of control at times, and it's hard to feel positive and hopeful about your day when you feel weighed down by stress and your energy is depleted. Life may simply feel at times more like 'survival' than anything else.  

You may have tried to figure things out on your own by reading self-help books, joining an online chat group or talking to friends, but nothing you've tried so far seems to help you feel better. Therapy can give you the space to work through those issues that have kept you stuck in pain and disappointment. I will support you in finding freedom from those things that hold you back from enjoying life and the people you love. 

Individual therapy may be able to help you with issues such as:

  • stress management / chronic anxiety

  • depression or bipolar disorder

  • feelings of personal shame, isolation and worthlessness

  • learning how to say 'no' to others and set boundaries

  • creating healthy relationships with others

  • social anxiety with dating or making friends

  • exploring your sexuality and gender identity

  • life transitions, i.e. divorce, marriage, career

  • navigate living an alternative lifestyle

  • developing practice of self-compassion and mindfulness

  • move from anxiety to peace, sadness to joy, chaos to balance, despair to hope

Individual counseling
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