exploring and living non-monogamy


Polyamory, open relationships, and swinging are becoming more accepted ways of creating and maintaining relationships in lieu of traditional monogamy. As many as 25% of people have relationship orientations that simply 'don't fit the mold'. Maybe that's you... 


If you're non-monogamous, you may prefer to create and maintain connections with multiple partners. I specialize in working with individuals and poly families who need help with improving communication and feeling validated by your partner(s). Together you can create agreements by finding middle ground.

Polyamory and non-monogamy therapy

Not all polyamorous relationships look alike or operate under the same agreements, whether you prefer poly fidelity, open polyamory, hierarchical relationships, or relationship anarchy. Issues that may arise in polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy include:


  • thinking about opening up your relationship

  • conflicts with scheduling time together vs. apart

  • negotiation of agreements among all partners

  • relevance of hierarchies and 'veto' power

  • breakdown in communication and conflict resolution

  • process of moving from monogamy to non-monogamy 

  • considering 'coming out' to friends and family 

  • impact of jealousy with metamours

  • broken trust due to dishonesty or infidelity

Many of my clientele live in relationships that intersect both non-monogamy and power exchange. I can effectively help you navigate these relationships where themes of hierarchy like primary and secondary relationships vs. relationship anarchy become entangled with differing levels of power exchange- Top / bottom, Dominant / submissive or Master / slave.