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Is Technology Getting In the Way?

Recently my daughter and I went on a date where we ate Belgian waffles at this cool little cafe, and talked about her excitement for the coming year. It was heartbreaking to see a dad with his son, about 10 years old, eating in silence two tables over. The son seemed to be bored and looked around as his dad was reading something on his phone.. for 45 minutes in my estimation. I'm not trying to make any value judgments here, but I saw a missed opportunity for them to connect and enjoy time together. And honestly that kid looked sad and lost- it made me sad for him.

Have you noticed that the time you spend on your device is creating arguments with your partner, family or friends? When you start hearing your partner or children complain about you being on your phone during dinner or on a date, it's potentially becoming a problem.

I understand that smartphones and other devices can be a nice distraction or way to fill time. I appreciate how easy it is to access the internet, interact on social media, check emails, read current news or read about your favorite interests.

Yet I think we, as individuals and the community at large, are paying a price for our obsession with technology. We tend to miss out on connecting with our loved ones in the same room or across the table at a restaurant sharing a meal together.

Simply speaking, paying attention to how much you're on your device can make a significant difference in your relationships. Perhaps you can choose to have specific 'phone time-outs' for yourself when you're eating dinner with family, helping kids with homework, or the last half hour before going to sleep, unwinding from the day with your partner in bed. Like most things, moderation can bring great results.

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