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individuals, couples and moresomes


I work with individuals, couples and non-monogamous relationships, to help them find long-lasting healing and growth in those painful issues that need some loving attention. We'll address the pain and disappointment that has been in the way of living a more authentic and fulfilling life. 


My holistic approach uses traditional and alternative modalities to support health in mind, body and spirit. I encourage clients to gain greater self-awareness using an eclectic blend of psychotherapy, mindfulness, relaxation, goal-centered homework and journaling.  

Psychotherapy, therapy and counseling services

In relationship work, we'll look at questions like:

  • How well do we communicate? Do I feel heard and validated by my partner? Can we resolve conflict by fighting fair?

  • ​Do we have a nice balance between quality time together and space apart to fulfill our own passions and interests?

  • Is there closeness and intimacy between us? Do I feel emotionally safe and open with my partner? Are we happy and satisfied with our sex life?

  • How can we work together as a team when it comes to finances, in-laws, raising children, or creating future goals?

  • How do we work out issues that are specific to living alternative lifestyles like being in a non-monogamous, non-hierarchical relationship?

In individual work, we'll look at questions like:

  • Do I often feel sad, agitated or anxious? How does my mood affect the quality and movement of my life?​​​​​​​​

  • How do my insecurities and self-defeating patterns get in the way of loving and accepting myself? How do I love myself when I feel judged by my family or others in my life?​

  • Why do I have difficulty making friends, or feeling like I don't belong with the people that surround me? 

  • Am I respected and cared for in my relationships? Am I getting my needs and desires met by my partner(s)? 

For a free 20 minute phone consultation, you can reach me on my contact page and we'll get started. 

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