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Discover the transformative power of personalized therapy. 


I provide a safe, non-judgmental and collaborative environment to explore your personal growth, relationship, parenting, or sex therapy needs. Let's work together to improve your overall sense of well-being and wholehearted living.



Individual Therapy

Therapy provides a dedicated space for you to work through the issues that cause emotional pain and isolation. I can support you on a journey of self-exploration, growth and healing. Together, we'll identify and overcome the obstacles that hinder your ability to fully enjoy life and connect with the people you love.


Common issues include:

  • developing practice of self-compassion and mindfulness

  • ongoing anxiety and panic attacks

  • depression or bipolar disorder

  • feelings of personal shame, isolation and worthlessness

  • learning how to say 'no' to others and set boundaries

  • anger management

  • maintaining healthy relationships

  • sexuality and gender identity

  • develop emotional regulation skills and stress tolerance

  • life transitions, i.e. divorce, marriage, career


Couples Counseling

Love relationships hold the potential for immense joy and profound challenges. We yearn for a connection with someone who cherishes and loves us, fostering friendship, trust, communication, respect, and intimacy. I'll help you reconnect and enhance the skills needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

Common issues include:

  • create healthy and effective communication skills

  • learn how to 'fight fair' during disagreements

  • strengthen emotional intimacy

  • rebuild trust due to dishonesty or infidelity

  • change patterns of codependency and enmeshment

  • revitalize sexual connection

  • address issues around finances, parenting, and blended families

  • navigate cultural, racial or religious differences

  • maintain long distance relationship

  • contemplating possible separation or divorce


Intentional Parenting

I help parents create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for their children while building their emotional intelligence and resilience. By fostering a secure attachment during their early years, we empower them to grow into independent, self-assured adults.

Common issues include: 

  • blended families and step-parenting

  • balancing healthy structure and routines with increasing agency

  • taking 'time outs' as parents

  • behavioral issues at home or school 

  • psychosocial development

  • offering appropriate guidance and support

  • navigating 'difficult' conversations, i.e. sex and puberty

  • earned responsibility and freedom

  • impact of parent's behavior 

  • impact of parent's relationship issues or divorce

  • spending time with children on their terms

  • understanding learning disabilities, neurodivergence, and the IEP process


Sex Therapy

Sex holds immense power in fostering intimacy and deep connection with your partner, satisfying the need for touch, care, and love. When your sexual connection faces challenges, it can lead to awkward and frustrating moments. Learning how to have open and trusting conversations with your lover can help you actively rebuild your sexual desire and connection.

Common issues include:

  • LGBTQIA+ identity

  • 'coming out' to friends and family

  • sexual health, pleasure and well-being

  • discrepancy in libido or desired sexual activities

  • out-of-control sexual behavior ("pornography/ sex addiction")

  • asexuality and graysexuality

  • vaginal pain and discomfort

  • difficulties with penile erection/ejaculation


Alternative Lifestyles

If you're exploring various forms of ethical non-monogamy, kink, sex work, or other alternative lifestyles, I can support you in creating healthy connections with yourself and partner(s). This exploration focuses on navigating issues around collaboration,  trust, consent, communication, conflict resolution, creativity, and sexual health. 

Common issues include:

  • complications of adding partners into existing relationship(s)

  • ethical non-monogamy, i.e. polyamory, swinging, relationship anarchy

  • sex work as a profession

  • issues around hierarchy, veto power,  jealousy and comparison

  • rebuild trust due to dishonesty, broken agreements or infidelity

  • 'coming out' to friends and family

  • BDSM and power dynamics

  • building a healthy M/s dynamic

  • mental health issues like depression or anxiety impacting the PE dynamic


Religious or Spiritual Abuse

Embracing spirituality, whether within the confines of a traditional religion or through a more personalized set of beliefs, often becomes an integral part of one's identity. As we grow and develop, some individuals delve deeper into the faith handed down by their family, while others choose to step away and reassess whether those beliefs align with their evolving worldview.  

Common issues include:

  • indoctrination of rigid beliefs 

  • use of intimidation or control over one's autonomy

  • identity confusion 

  • difficulty making decisions outside of religious beliefs

  • potential rupture of family and friends if leaving religion

  • symptoms of guilt, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or dissociation

  • fear of embracing another spiritual path, atheism or agnosticism

Personal growth
Intentional parenting
Sex therapy
Relationship coaching
Alternative lifestyles
Religious abuse
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