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reignite sexual passion and desire with your partner


Sex is a powerful way to create intimacy and connection with your partner-meeting each other's need to be touched, to be cared for, to be loved. When sex is great, you feel fulfilled and alive.

​When sex isn't working well, however, it can become a highly awkward and frustrating experience. People can develop 'performance anxiety' for several reasons, including not having the same level of desire for sex as their partner, or struggling with a particular sexual disorder. Couples often don't know how to talk about these issues and work toward rebuilding a healthy sex life.

Sex and relationship therapy

Common themes for sex therapy:

  • sexual health, pleasure and well-being

  • mismatched libido/ sexual activities

  • LGBTQIA sexual orientation and gender identity

  • out-of-control sexual behavior ("pornography/ sex addiction")

  • vaginal pain/ anorgasmia

  • difficulties with penile erection/ ejaculation

  • alternative lifestyles

  • broken trust and infidelity​

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