reignite sexual passion and desire with your partner


Sex is a powerful way to create intimacy and connection with your partner- meeting each other's need to be touched, to be cared for, to be loved. When sex is great, you feel fulfilled and alive.

​When sex isn't working well, however, it can become a highly awkward and frustrating experience. Men and women can develop 'performance anxiety' for reasons such as not having the same level of desire for sex as their partner, or struggling with a particular sexual disorder. You may increasingly feel confused, isolated, self-conscious or discouraged, and begin to withdraw from your partner. Couples often don't know how to talk about these issues and work toward rebuilding a healthy sex life.

Sex and relationship therapy

Sex therapy creates space for you to heal the distance and build a new sexual connection together.

Some common themes for sex therapy:

  • increase sexual confidence and pleasure

  • mismatched libidos and desire for sex​ with partner

  • one partner is questioning their sexual orientation

  • out-of-control sexual behavior ("sex addiction")

  • sexual violation and trauma

  • rebuilding trust after betrayal or infidelity

  • issues with men's penile erection or ejaculation

  • women experience sexual pain or inability to orgasm

  • opening up relationship to non-monogamy

  • breakdown in BDSM power exchange

Factors Affecting Sexuality

aging, anxiety, asexuality, chronic pain and illness, depression, disabilities, lacking experience/ virginity at later age, medications, mental health issues, mismatched desires for sex, mismatched sexual activities, relationship conflict, religious background, self-esteem issues, sexual abuse and trauma, substance abuse

Men's Sexual Health
body image, cross-dressing, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED), exhibitionism/voyeurism, fetishes, Gender Identity Disorder, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, infidelity, kink/BDSM, pornography compulsions, premature ejaculation, problematic sexual behavior, sexual arousal issues, sexual orientation​

Women's Sexual Health

​absent/low sexual desire, body image, exhibitionism/ voyeurism, Female Orgasmic Disorder, fetishes, Gender Identity Disorder, infidelity, inhibited sexual arousal, kink/BDSM, painful intercourse, pornography compulsions, problematic sexual behavior, sexual orientation