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Relationship and sex therapist in Denver, CO


Love relationships can be the source of our greatest pleasure and deepest pain. Intimacy is experienced when we feel safe with our partner(s) in being fully and naturally ourselves in ways we may not be with anyone else. We long to connect with someone that makes us feel desired and loved, and mutually share in friendship, love, trust, communication, respect, sex, and support. 


At some point, it's natural for all relationships to hit glitches that makes life together feel more complicated. Intimacy can get lost in the fray of living busy lives and losing sight of what is needed to make your relationship healthy and strong. 


There are a multitude of issues that can cause relationship distress, but there are also many ways in which you can create a road map back to trust, love and intimacy. When you think about the state of your relationship, what are those things that need to change in order for both of you to feel safe and trusting with each other again? 

Next steps involve healing the past and amplifying your strengths.

In relationship counseling, you can find your way back to each other. It starts with gaining insight into how your relationship got to where it is now, then building new skills in communication and intimacy that will improve and solidify your connection. You'll leave therapy knowing a lot more about yourself, your partner(s), and your relationship(s). 

I enjoy working with a variety of relationship configurations and lifestyles. Some couples I see are more 'mainstream', while others are considered to be more 'alternative'.  My approach is sex-positive, strength-based and diversity-affirming. 

Writings about sex, relationships and personal growth..

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