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Meet Kaia

Tammy 'Kaia' Bruski, certified ssex therapist

Welcome to NOS Counseling...

My approach..

I'm an experienced relationship and sex therapist with over 15 years of working with people from diverse backgrounds, life circumstances, dreams and goals. I believe we all seek to feel whole and safe as life throws out it's challenges. It's so important to have faith in ourselves to conquer the obstacles we face and create a life that's meaningful and satisfying. 

As a therapist, I see my role as helping you tap into that resilience and inner strength that lives inside of you. You also have an inner wisdom that can help you move forward that's guided by your values and dreams for the future. The nature of life is always changing, and it's our challenge to meet the ups and downs with courage, resilience and purpose.

Like most people I've encountered in and out of my practice, my life has had some really dark and difficult moments. From those experiences, I've become highly empathic and invested in the healing of others. I don't want to just discuss someone's issues in a detached space that just turns into problem-solving sessions. Sure there are problems to solve and goals to attain as part of therapy. Yet I also want my clients to know and love themselves in a way that helps them create a life that can be new and wonderful.

I've had an interest in psychology since I can remember, analyzing why people do what they do. I discovered that I'm highly intuitive in the sense that I can often see an issue from a different or deeper perspective that helps uncover the root of a problem, or make a connection between two seemingly unrelated events. I help my clients make those important connections that allow them to make sense of what's happening in their lives, then make some decisions about how they can change directions as needed.

In both individual and relationship work, I work through an attachment and mindfulness lens. I also draw from cognitive behavioral, cross-cultural, developmental, existential, humanistic, psychodynamic and relational theories.

My background..


I am currently a licensed professional counselor and AASECT certified sex therapist in the state of Colorado.. I previously worked as a secondary math and special education teacher and department chair, working with students who struggled with traditional educational models due to difficult family situations, life circumstances, or cognitive/ learning disabilities. I also spent two years as an educational coordinator/ director of a school in a residential facility for children removed from parental custody. I'm a mother of four children, so I've had a lot of experience raising children and supporting them to navigate their own life victories and challenges. My education, life experiences and career development have culminated in my ability to assist you through your own personal journey,


The journey toward wholeness is different for every person, each with their own unique life story and perspective. I will support you by helping you address the emotional pain you experience, and create a new sense of peace, balance and well-being.

Education & Credentials

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